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Uniform & ID Policy



The policy will support students, teachers, and families.  It will:

  • Help students focus on work and increase their academic achievement
  • Reduce dress competitiveness, cliquishness and gang affiliation; reduce student clothing cost
  • Improve student attendance, behavior, and safety
  • Promote school pride and unity
  • Identify non-Dole student visitors on campus
  • Help to identify Dole students on field trips
  • Support our school’s mission to make Dole a place where everyone is responsible and always learning


School issued ID cards must be worn on the school-issued lanyards as part of the school’s uniform policy.  ID cards are property of the school and cannot be defaced or altered in any way.

  • ID cards must be worn at all times on campus and during field trips
  • All students will receive an ID card the first week of school
  • ID cards are the property of the school and cannot be defaced or altered in any way
  • If an ID card is defaced with stickers, markings, etc., a replacement ID card will need to be purchased during non-instructional time
  • Replacement ID cards cost $3.00 each/replacement lanyards cost $1.00
  • Non-compliance of the appropriate display of the student ID card is a Class D offense


School uniforms (T-SHIRTS) are MANDATORY and must be worn daily.  The cost of a school uniform will be determined at a later date.  Students must wear the color of uniform that is assigned to their grade level:   

Grade 6 – Dark Grey, Grade 7 – Blue, Grade  8 – Black

  • Clothing and jewelry must be worn free of messages promoting alcohol, drugs, gangs, profanity, sexual conduct, and violence.  Any gang related fashion is prohibited. Therefore, for the safety of your child, no red clothing (e.g., red shorts/pants, red jackets, or red t-shirts) are will be allowed.  Underwear should not be visible. Footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Shorts, skorts, and skirts shall be allowed as long as or longer than the end of the longest finger when the arm is held straight down.
  • Appropriately sized pants and shorts must fit at the waist without the support of a belt (if the belt comes off and the pants fall down, the pants are too large).  
  • Sagged or baggy pants, loose or hanging belts or chains are not appropriate attire for middle school.  
  • Overly revealing clothing or clothing that has tears, rips or holes are prohibited.
  • Hats, caps, and visors are not to be worn or visible on campus, except for approved field trips.  
  • Jackets must have a zipper front, no pullovers.  Wearing a shirt on top of or visible underneath school uniform is not permitted.


All students are expected to follow uniform guidelines and rules on a daily basis.  On designated Free Dress Days, students are required to follow the Free Dress Guidelines that have been set for the activity.  Student in non-compliance of the rules will need to call home for a change of clothes or rent a loaner for the day.


Students will need to contact parents/guardians to bring a uniform to school.  If parents/guardians are unavailable to bring a uniform for their child, a loaner uniform can be rented for $1.00 at the school office.


Dole Middle School will maintain an awareness and sensitivity to students, their cultural values, background and economic circumstances when monitoring the Uniform & Dress Code Policy.

Parents have the right to apply in writing to the school principal for exemption from this policy stating their reasons.