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At Dole Middle School, access to a high-speed connection to the Internet is available.  When using the computers/iPads/Chromebooks at Dole, individuals have a responsibility to use them correctly and ethically.  This means that computers should not be used to access or create materials that are not school related. This includes, but is not limited to: images and messages that are sexually explicit, grotesquely violent or seek to demean or harass others.  Please be aware that the privilege of computer use at Dole depends on your ability to use them appropriately. You may lose computer privileges depending on your ability to use technology properly.

Students, please make sure your parents sign the TAUG form distributed in the beginning of the school year.




Having a Chromebook is a privilege afforded to all Dole Middle School students. Chromebooks allow your teachers to integrate technology resources into your daily learning.  This technology will allow you to build the necessary skills in preparation for future college and career opportunities. Our expectation is that students respect all technology and use the utmost care when accessing this privilege.


Protecting your Chromebook

  • Do not add any stickers or any other decorative items that would alter the appearance of the Chromebook from when you received it
  • Do not tamper with school tags that are present on the Chromebooks
  • Use both hands when opening the Chromebooks, and remember to open them carefully.
  • Remember to use two hands when carrying a Chromebook
  • Do not hold the Chromebook by the screen
  • Always close the Chromebook before transporting it--remember, it has an 8-second startup
  • Refrain from navigating to malicious sites to avoid getting viruses
  • Keep food and drink away from your Chromebook--they are not allowed in the Cafeteria
  • Chromebooks are valuable--do not leave them lying where they can be damaged


Cleaning your Chromebook

  • Do not use any chemicals or other liquids to clean your Chromebook
  • Use microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen

Protecting your Account

  • Anytime you leave your Chromebook on your desk, close the lid so that no one can access your documents.  Logout of your account at the end of each session
  • Do not share your Chromebook with anyone unless your teacher asks you to do so--In that case, be sure to sign out before you hand your Chromebook to the other student!
  • Do not share your login information with anyone!

Other important reminders

  • You are responsible for the Chromebook given to you.
  • Anything you do on the Internet (on any device) is visible to someone--the Internet Service Provider, the company whose service you are using, others who can access your computer, etc.
  • Any pictures, music, videos, etc., on your Chromebook or DMS Domain Account should be appropriate for school.  Any content that is deemed to be inappropriate is liable to investigation and removal.
  • Cyberbullying will absolutely not be tolerated.  Appropriate discipline will be taken for any students violating Chapter 19 policies on any issued school technology