Free Vision Screening for All Dole Students

An important, but often overlooked ingredient to student success is good eyesight. If students can’t see the board, or even their paper, they will struggle with completing their work. Through our incredible DMS Health Center, all Dole students will get their vision screened on Friday, November 2.

The vision screening is a quick and pain-free process where students will read letters off a poster from a certain distance. If students do not pass the screening, a note will be sent home to encourage parents to take your child to your doctor for an eye exam.  If your child is enrolled with Quest insurance, they will cover the cost of the exam and glasses. The school will offer some certificates for those without insurance coverage. The certificates, which are provided by VSP Global Eyes of Hope Team, cover the cost of the exam and glasses for students without insurance.

If you do NOT wish for your child to participate, please notify our school nurse, Melissa Owens, by calling (808) 305-5341 before Thursday, November 1.