Be part of our School Community Council

Come and be a part of this important, decision-making group - the DMS School Community Council (SCC)!
Review the school's Academic Financial Plan and share your ideas on how to improve student achievement. 
    • Tentative AGENDA:
      • WASC Updates & Sign-up
      • CNA & AP Plan Review
      • SCC Election of Member (Nominations)
    • Elected and Appointed Representatives:
      Ally Iijima is the SCC Chair (Temporary Assignment)
      Kyla Maedo is the Secretary
      Shauna Alip & Kevin Mcginnis are the Certificated Representatives
      Dayna & Dawn are the Classified Representatives
      Cheryl Johnson is our Community Representative
      ______  is our Parent Representative
      _______ is our Student Representative
To stay updated on what was discussed at our SCC meetings, here are the meeting minutes: